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Letter from Katie Klumper, CEO & Founder

While the world doesn’t need another management consulting firm, it needs a different one. One purpose-built for CMOs, with today in mind. One with CMOs at the center and where personal and professional success collide.

Katie Klumper, CEO & Founder

Black Glass was built 10 days before the shutdown in 2020. 10 days before the role of a marketer got upended, consumer behaviors radically shifted and the world evolved overnight.

In that moment, we were reminded, CMOs are the most vital leaders of this decade. They have the power to not only move businesses forward, but the world. CMOs have superpowers they can use to drive over half a company’s revenue, all while tackling critical societal challenges to leave a lasting legacy. It’s an amazing time, but one that is riddled with loneliness, no playbooks in hand and traditional solutions.

Black Glass is a modern marketing consultancy for the whole CMO, with the person at the center. With progressive strategic frameworks, a dedication to incubating transformational change and with a community of CMO peers, we move CMOs, teams and businesses forward.

Move the world forward with us.

Katie Klumper
CEO & Founder

Our values


even at the expense of individual success

We expect partnership at Black Glass, both among folks on the team, and with our customers. That means getting to know the whole person, meeting them where they are, and helping them be their best. So when in doubt, reach out and connect – and don’t spend too long in your own world.

Moving fast is great, but do it with a partner, please. Finally: Because our default setting is having each others’ backs when we fall, don’t be afraid to leap.


even at the expense of our scope of work

Revenue and profit are short-term indicators of the change we’re trying to make in the world, and while they’re important, they’re only proxies. We’re obsessed with making a positive impact on the world around us through our customers – so leave each interaction, each project, each relationship better than the way you found it, even if that means calling out the hard thing to discuss, and calling folks in to participate.


even at the expense of “always on”

While we admire intensity in all its forms, from deep strengths to strong entrepreneurial drive, we also know that highs come with lows, and sprints are followed by rest. We do not expect everyone to be good at everything – we’re seeking greatness in a few, critical areas.       

We do not expect everyone to be “always on” – we’re looking for fire when people are on. We do not expect to do everything well – we expect surprising levels of awesomeness in the things we choose to do well (yes, even the “boring” stuff). Make it great, or don’t do it at all.

Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team

Maureen Link
Senior Director

Operator x Queen Hustler

Clay Jones
Chief Strategy Officer

Org Designer x Maker

Katie Klumper
CEO & Founder

Market Maker x Entrepreneur

McKenna Robenalt
Senior Director

Strategist x Org Designer

Sophia Deutsch
Junior Strategy Consultant

Ruben Delgado
Associate Strategy Director

Join Our Team

We’re passionate about building an amazing workplace, and we’re always on the lookout for folks who can help. A few things to know about working at Black Glass:

  • We have families, friends, side-hustles and lots of hobbies. Balance is not something we strive for, but instead our way of life.

  • We offer unlimited paid time off, with a minimum of four weeks off per year. In addition, we have designated five “closed office” weeks, spaced throughout the year, for shared quiet time.

  • We are an intentionally remote-working environment with periodic in-person gatherings for the full team throughout the year (in accordance with local guidance for COVID-19).

  • We are an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. We are a 75% female and 30% POC team with a keen focus to get to a 50% POC team in 2022.

  • We want people to walk away from Black Glass more valuable than    the day they joined – we invest in leadership training, provide access to our networks, and try new technologies to increase our capacity.

  • We offer medical, dental and vision benefits, commuter benefits plans, 401k, and various corporate discounts.


If you’re not seeing a role below that matches your experience, but you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch.

There are no current openings.

Progressive Ways of Working

We are continually evolving our suite of productivity tools and outputs to match our client needs and to push our work forward.

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