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Jenny Rooney, Co-founder of CMO House
Letter from Jenny Rooney, Co-Founder of CMO House

CMOs are the most vital leaders of now and next. They are foundational to business and cultural growth in a way no other C-suite leader can be.

They are extraordinarily valuable. But they are often not valued.

They are expected to move mountains—yesterday.

Their jobs are complex, ever-changing, nuanced. They don’t fit neatly in a box. And that’s the beauty of it.

They are passionate, driven, curious, innovative, dynamic and agile leaders. They build teams, talent priorities,  brand purpose, and customer loyalty. They transform digitally, implement technologically, and story-tell seamlessly.

They are pulled in myriad directions—to speak on stages, be the faces and voices for their businesses, share unprecedented thought leadership, and create magic for their brands.

What they lack is a resource, a community, that supports them as individuals, that exists to embolden them as human beings. That strips down the artifice and bolsters them with the knowledge, connections, clarity, safe space and confidence through camaraderie to be more for their organizations—and also for themselves and the others who define their lives.

CMOs, excellence today requires being part of a new collective of diverse perspectives, enlightening, tangential thinking, and access to resources that power the whole of you, so that you can be the most focused, motivated and effective leader in whatever role you choose.

The CMO House is built to empower, inspire and support the person behind the title—you. Join us to unlock your true potential, your impact, for your now—and next.

Jenny Rooney
Co-Founder CMO House